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Hello im having trouble in the beginning everytime penny is going to talk this shows up


I have it too, how to solve this

I see it is Android. You need to install the VO patch.

Yeah I downloaded the file but I don't know what to do next 

Instructions are on the download page :)


But where

Well other than the Rpa file and the games, there's nothing else. Can i ask what's the steps please :)


I have a few questions 

will you add health bars for the enemies?

are there any events that are timed? 


Can you add like a new game plus into the game please? 

Hey, first of all, got to say i enjoy the game and story. But got to ask, shouldn't there be more intimicy betwean the mc and others? Specially with the lewd pach on.

I dont know, but the lack of physical closens seems a bit wierd to me, if te mc and his gfds are in love.

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Hello, I noticed that in one of your development log you mentioned ading new game+ so it will be added to the game? If so I presume it is going to affect the statistics more specifically the relationships?

I'm mildly interested in why you're moving from Ren'py to Unity. Better multiplatform support? More support for other gameplay types? Something else?

It'd be nice if you could make some steam grid art for JPDE - Sonata of Fire?

Is there anyway to download older versions of the game?

I'm not sure if this bug is already reported or not or if this is intended or not but i just downloaded the game and so far in both of the beginning scenes Penny called me "David" , but that now don't kinda works with the name that i used for myself

Could you make some steam grid art?

The android download is not working it says it is corrupt or can't download

Where's JPDE - Sonata of Fire 4.1? Where Yang's Custom Ending?

You have to wait just a few more days, it's already for all patreons and the newest version for everyone is always a several days after publishing for patreons.

Thank you so much for the information!! :) 

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Encountered a glitch where if you buy the yandere succubus outfit, the game still gives you the choice to buy it despite already being in the costume gallery

Edit : its finally gone but now some routes such like Yang's 4th and Cinder's 1st one dont appear despite me fufilling the criteria needed.

Is it possible to do a cheat? Like using the console command to raise the lien?

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I have a small problem. I can't seem to get the visual novel to appear so that I can play it

Edit: I think I figured it out

Good afternoon. I appeal to Russian-speaking users. The game has a partial translation. In total, approximately 50% was translated. The information is not accurate. Let me say goodbye to the developers. Please add the Russian language to the game at least in more than one phrase. I am sure that it is not as coherent as it might seem, and yet it is not very easy. However, I ask you to translate at least a simple text in dialogues. I know that this is a partial translation. However, the Translation at the moment is this: One phrase in English, several in Russian, then again several in English and again in Russian. I ask you to fix it at least to this kind: everything up to a certain moment in Russian and the rest in English. Please take note of this. And also at the link there is a version of this game on version 2.21 which is fully translated into Russian. You can take the files from there and insert into a new one. You can also take a photo with a Beacon card from tudoy. They are also translated. Thank you for the attention. I'm really looking forward to the update. The game is super. Good luck to you.


Hello. Sorry but the Russian translation is unofficial, it's not something that's being worked on by the devs.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. Then I'll try to do it myself.

People, please describe in detail how Semblance Jack works.

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as a big Fan of RWBY I really feel like I'm in the world of RWBY it make's me really happy it has a very good story and it has some pretty great sexual scene, and I really like that you can change the name of your MC. but can you Change the way Yang Call you I really hate when Yang Call me D-man when there's no D in my MC name, I'm not telling that in a bad Way, hope you understand me. and can you make the roots give you Hits because I keep getting myself forgetting what to do like where do i need to go like that, and what items do I need to unlock this root. This as a good potential to become one of the best versual nobles games. and just ignore DOM opinion that Guy doesn't Play the game He's just one of those guys that's like domination, he is not even think, he think that girls are stupid, and I'm not a simp don't even think that I say a good thing about a girl doesn mean instantly I am a simp, and I know that girls are stupid some times and do things like don't give a s*** like her cheating in you because the other guy have a bigger dick just saying this because someone may say I'm simp 

(I'm watching you DOM I'm not even going to give you a chance to say s*** about my opinion faggot)

Umm, the alt download link is not working pls check


Hello, firstly I wanted to say what a great game this is.  I've come to love it. You've turned a RWBY viewer into a RWBY fan. That being said I'm currently on my second playthrough and I've encountered a bug that prevents me from progressing. I'm currently at the Scene where Jack is Fighting the Gamera on her own and I physically can't defeat it. I was able to on version 4 and above. I can't use semblances and my only options are attack close and range, and no combination of attacks can defeat it. No matter what, I get the game over screen. I love this game and want to continue but at this point I'm stuck. Thank again.

(I'm posting this here because Discord says my invite is invalid.)


Try this one.


I played this before since when it still was 3.8 and I feel bad for not commenting on just how amazing this game is. The Characters are well written, A Plot that makes me wanna read more and of course individual routes that can be played during in game Saturdays. It is almost the perfect game that a RWBY fan or just some random guy like me that only watched till the second volume can play. The Battles are a bit kinda hard to understand as there is no life bar, guage or meter on enemies but all in all this is one of the best Visual Novel experiences that I ever had


Currently at Day 107 and I'm absolutely loving this game, My current and biggest criticism is about the rpg fighting system. Actual battles are few and far between, meaning it's hard to know what level you need to be at and how strong you need to be for the next boss, I suggest a few more fightable battles, or being able to spar against characters like Yang, Pyrrha, Penny or Jack to test your current level. Along with this, when it comes to Semblances I think there should a screen in the scroll with a list of the moves each character has, what they do, and how much aura it takes. One last thing, among other rpg essentials, when you defeat a boss you get additional stats for winning, or at the gym sometimes Sun gives you an extra stat point (depending on how frequently you go to the gym or purely by chance, whichever is more feasible). Other than in this area I love everything about this game, the characters, the dialogue, everything. I'm not sure how feasible my suggestions are but I hope it helps improve an aspect of the game I was really surprised to see. Keep up the great work!

All the discord invites are expired did something happen to it?


The one on the JPDE - Sonata of Fire page works. Old ones were disabled because of a Bot Raid.

I have tried everything i can think of and the lewd patch won't work, what do I do?


Come to the Discord server for further technical help.

Deleted 232 days ago


When i try to do anything in tutorial batale i get this: [code]

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/battle_scripts/Tutorial.rpy", line 66, in script

    if counter == len(initiative_list):

  File "game/battle_scripts/Tutorial.rpy", line 66, in <module>

    if counter == len(initiative_list):

NameError: name 'counter' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/battle_scripts/Tutorial.rpy", line 66, in script

    if counter == len(initiative_list):

  File "renpy/", line 1852, in execute

    if renpy.python.py_eval(condition):

  File "renpy/", line 2249, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "renpy/", line 2242, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/battle_scripts/Tutorial.rpy", line 66, in <module>

    if counter == len(initiative_list):

NameError: name 'counter' is not defined



JPDE - Sonata of Fire 4.0.2

Sat Jul 17 14:24:16 2021



I love the game but I am wondering if there will be NSFW content in future updates?

the link don't work ;-;


yo I saw somewhere that you guys were working on an mha visual novel? Is that? Still? A thing? 


It is :)



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I am upset at how well written this story is. Like i have never laughed so much so consistently with so much mirth to anything much less any game in my life (this includes any friend). To top that off you are making me laugh while exploring stories of characters i adore and mysteries deeper than oceans. Not only that but somehow it is literally tens of hours of entertainment. At this point i'm only halfway through the game and the game has left me with a constant curious dread about the ending.


I still cant believe that not only did you introduce a female mercury but you wrote a story where i somehow wholeheartedly can accept that there is a female mercury. If anyone proposed to me that anyone tried to make that work i would not only write it off as impossible i would laugh at it half as hard as this game makes me laugh every 15min, quite a substantial amount.


I found this VN and read nonstop like a man possessed. I dunno what to do with my life now.


Finish it. Then wait for the other projects. Or the sequel. :)


Quick question, how do you add the NSFW bits into the base game?


I have a problem, I don't know if I installed it wrong, but every time I try to hit penny in the tutorial, the game crashes and doesn't let me advance, what do I do?

Deleted 98 days ago

How do i get the lewd pics so i can put them in the game

the games great its just that for some reason i cant go to the bar to go to work it crashes if i press ignore and not rollback and im on a quest to get all of the arts for the Saturday dates and one of them is the bar

I'am having problens to download the android versiona.After i download from mega and promote it when i start the last download to be able to play the game,says that its not possible

Anyone know a guide for the various routes in the current version?

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