A downloadable JPDE Sonata of Fire for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Disclaimer - This is not endorsed by Rooster Teeth in any way. Views, opinions, thoughts are all my own. Rooster Teeth and RWBY are trade names or registered trademarks of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. © Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.

This is a freely distributed fan-game. If you are being charged by anyone anywhere to play JPDE, you’re being scammed.

JPDE is a fan Visual Novel developed by Team J.P.D.E. based on the RWBY animated series. It features a completely original story which runs parallel to the timeline of V2 and V3. Developed in Ren'Py, it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Phones.

Depending on how many and which bonds you will have made during your semester at Beacon Academy, you may influence the ending of the storyline and even canon events from the show. More events and sprites are added to the game monthly.

Main Story Completion - 100%

I invite you to support the original release by Rooster Teeth.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY DISCORD - https://discord.gg/J3Hp4GKras

SUPPORT J.P.D.E. - https://www.patreon.com/JPDE

GET UPDATES AT - https://twitter.com/JPDEOfficial1


GWEN'S 1st DATE FIX (4.16) 18 kB

Install instructions


Android instructions:

1) Get any file manager, “X-Plore” for example https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lonelycatgames.Xplore

2) Navigate to Internal storage/Android/data/com.lizzy.jpde/files

3) Create a 'game' folder.

4) Paste the RPA file in there.

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Day 124 I believe is incredibly buggy. All the grimm fights make the game crash and the boss is practically impossible to beat without dust. The person who's suppose to be dealing the most damage, Jack, is only dealing 1 damage to the giant turtle thing. Pls fix or if it's intentional, pls tell me how to get past this.

We're sorry to hear about your issues. If you would like specific support, please come to the Community Discord Server.

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DAY105 the monster creature is bugged and the game crash everytime no matter how many times you restart. 

so i hope that bug can be fixed since i cant move on after that!

also i bought a costume in the shop for a character but what are they for since it only show a picture and nothing else?


I really like the game, especially the delivery of the story and character design. I feel like they got the characters mostly right. 

The only thing I wish they would do is to make some new game+, as playing all of that just to get more characters ending is super annoying.


BUG: I'm having a bug with Evelyn's outfits. I was trying all of them and she got stuck in her swimsuit, except for when she does one emote where she's in her maid costume but she takes up half the screen. I appear to be unable to get her back in her main outfit now, but I think I fixed the swimsuit/giant maid issue by putting her in costume #5 (I don't know what the cosplay is).


Not sure if this the right place to ask but I was on the server then it wasn't there anymore and the link no longer works

Deleted 21 days ago

174 according to walkthrough

when will there be a version with a bal with Blake

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I'm using X-plore to add the voiceover and the lewds, and I've followed the instructions but it doesn't seem to work, so I'm wondering if I'm just being stupid so can anyone let me know if I am being stupid, the screen shot may not show it but I did navigate to Internal storage/Android/data. 

Im having problems with getting jpde to run it keeps popping up with the voice over error and i downloaded the voice over patch please help.

Hello, my question will be somewhat brief and it may have already been repeated a lot but I wanted to know if there is any way that by supporting through patreon a translation into Spanish can be made. I'm sorry if it's badly written, I don't speak much English and I used the Google translator.

Hello, Bellzama. Thanks for your question! We don't currently plan to translate it in Spanish but yes, further funding to the game allows us to do more things.


Pretty good, writing is soild, art is great other then a few placeholder images, combats is pretty easy and some gameplay mechanics like the scroll isn't finished yet. Also I tried looking so im just ask here, I got Weiss up to three hearts before winter appeared as is required for her path, but im on day 90 and so far there is no indication that I unlocked it, so did I miss something or do I have to wait until a certain day until her path begins?

I absolutely love this game and the future potential for the finished routes and gameplay, and I can't wait to download and play a later, more updated version. My only issue is why is Ozpin such an ass in this game?? I swear he wasn't nearly this bad in the show lol. 

are there any cheats

i already attached the rpa for the audio and the lewds yet its still not working, am i doing something wrong? ps. i am using mobile

You to go to the scroll contact, one say lewd on it call it and is asking you if you want to turn on the 18+ content

I think I've found a minor bug in Neon's route for the most recent public version (ver 4.17). I've met with her in the Amphitheater at night 3 times so far to learn how to trash-talk, and I seem to have unlocked her first Saturday event. But if I try to train with her again in the Amphitheater at night before I do her Saturday event, the game sends me back to the title screen without saving progress. I can reproduce it on different days, and I can provide a save file if needed, but the bug is minor, so I just thought I'd let you know.

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Hi i'm having an issue with this

I've made a game folder and pasted the rpa file into it but the problem is still here

What you have to do is go to your storage look for com.lizzy.jpde. then files make a folder that can say anything but put it as game for simpicity then paste the rpa file there and same for the nudes and that should work but i used the x-plore app so it may be different for you

How do I get an un-archived version of this game, or successfully unRen it (versions 11, 12, and 13 do not work)? The UI desperately needs some simple editing as a lot of text is too hard or too painful to read. Dark grey on black and thin font dark red on bright green????? I'm tired of eye-strain migraines trying to play this game. These are easy to edit fixes if I can just get access to the *.rpy files.

Going from 4.15.1 to 4.17, I'm having an issue where my old saves either load a few scenes behind the point where I actually saved, or fail to load completely resulting in the following exception. The saves still work in 4.15 though but are just buggy in 4.17.

The Android version kept crashing every dozen frames, couldn't locate a bunch of files, mostly sounds.


My respect for the dev, Meinos has kinda fallen off after he banned some person in the Discord for an incredibly petty reason that he wouldn't hold for himself

why is ruby the only option i have in the vyatl ball when i have pryrha and neo at 4 (ruby has only 2 her 3rd heart hasnt been filled but her 4th heart is filled) plus the option to choose neo and pryyha wasnt there thanks


The only characters with dedicated endings right now are Ruby, Weiss and Pyrrha. Neo and Pyrrha have special endings but they happen no matter who you bring to the dance.

Hello, I've been trying to join the discord but apparently I can't? Is there anything I can do?


is there a way to view how much lien you have

On your phone.

1: How are you supposed to know what event happens when and where?

2: How are you supposed to 100% the game when you essentially have a time Limit?

(This comment is NOT me criticizing the game. These are questions I am actually wondering. Essentially I want to know if you designed all this to be doable in 1 playthrough, or to require many.)

Love the game so far. These are the only things I don't get.


No, this wasn't designed to do 100% in one playthrough.

Thanks! I wanted to know because I'm kinda a completionist.


Being the total snob and a borderline jackass who has no appreciation of the hard work of coding, script writing, programming, and hard work, that I am. I must ask.

Is it possible for you guys to install an eye, hair, and skin color mechanic for Y/n aka David.

Like I said. I know I'm being a jackass for even asking this. And the fact that this is free makes me feel like an ungrateful prick. but I just gotta ask for these reasons.

One: super glad you guys made this with no hidden agenda. and also gives me the chance to name the protagonist after me "Jason." which makes this novel really neat. but my problem lies in this......I'm not a white guy with green eyes....and frankly, don't wanna play as one. I know configuration with "character design" is pretty hectic, to say the least. and of course, I don't wanna dump unnecessary work onto you. But (And I'm gonna sound like an ungrateful prick, but please bear with me) I'm not asking for a different hairstyle, body type, or weapon. I'm just asking for the option of being allowed to play as....Me...A brown guy with brown eyes...heck you can keep the blonde hair, I feel I could pull it off.

Anywho that's all I had to say. and again I'd REALLY appreciate if you guys did it....anywho later


Hey can you give some cheat money plesea i need cheat dammit to buy costume

Ok.... What do I Do? Plz help 


It's an Android APK :) You got to install it.

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I did that but it keep saying there was a problem while parsing the package 😅 and I have Many space left on my phone around 20gb of space left if that info helps

Sorry to hear that. Please come to the Discord community for more support.

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Total newb question here but how do I start playing? I hit the download  button but now can't find any kind of start button.

Hello, Zed :) It's a zip file, you need to extract it.


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Hallo, Monkey King! It's the Voice Over patch link!

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Wait, so it is said that I need to install a patch for the lewds? What patch? Also, what are the difference between the alts downloads? Cause I downloaded the mac version.

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I am on Android and I followed the instructions but the game still doesn't work

Sorry to hear that. Please come to the community Discord for further help.

can someone tell me how to fix this please it always happens when penny is about to talk and I am on Android

Hi, Night! You need to install the Voice Over patch.

I did but I do not know what to do next

If you've followed the instructions correctly, there shouldn't be anything else for you to do.

What instructions?

Android instructions:

1) Get any file manager, “X-Plore” for example https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lonelycatgames.Xplore

2) Navigate to Internal storage/Android/data/com.lizzy.jpde/files

3) Create a 'game' folder.

4) Paste the RPA file in there.

PC/MAC/Linux Instructions

1) Download the RPA

2) Paste it in the 'game' folder.

Any tips on fighting NDGO? I've been struggling a lot with them and I have no idea how to beat them :(
If there's somewhere better I can ask this, let me know :')

Hello :) I'd suggest coming to the community Discord, there's a fan-made guide and plenty of people who can help :D

I actually did join after hearing about it and was planning to ask, just needed to figure out where :')

Training is key to everything my boi

guys im new here where should i download the L patch ive got no ide

and does anyone can tell me whether theres a chatgroup or something that i can gain things about rwby 

you can find the L patch by clicking "View all by J.P.D.E. Studios", and scrolling down to find it

let me see~

i cant download the normal version but the alt link version

so what mean by that the "alt link"

and what mean by rpa?

Hello im having trouble in the beginning everytime penny is going to talk this shows up


I have it too, how to solve this

I see it is Android. You need to install the VO patch.

Yeah I downloaded the file but I don't know what to do next 

Instructions are on the download page :)


But where

Well other than the Rpa file and the games, there's nothing else. Can i ask what's the steps please :)


I have a few questions 

will you add health bars for the enemies?

are there any events that are timed? 


Can you add like a new game plus into the game please? 

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