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Successfully installed Android version, and have lewd patch.  Can't find directory where game is installed in order to patch the images. Any suggestions of where to look? (Obviously I scoured both internal and external cards by searches and manually..)


i tried to use the Android option (mega) at first it went until 21% then it stoped , now the dowload doesn't even start, it gets stuck  at 0%, and when i used that other Android option it said "tantk you for the download " but none was made, the game is great but mega just doesn't work for everyone,  mediafire was Better at that


Are there other games similar to this one? Got really hooked!


is there any nsfw content in the game?

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In a patch ;) Not by default.

O.O Where I can find the patch? Just for... curiosity, yeah. Let's call it that...

Check our main profile :)

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Is it possible for your old saves to be transferred to a new computer without a USB or cord?

Hi! Well, yes. You can just paste the files in a cloud based storage like MEGA or OneDrive, no?

Thank you. 

What should I do if the game kept kicking me out before the main menu? Did I miss something while installing it or? Thank for your help.

Please come to the discord server for tech help.


Hi! I'm going to ask a super embarrassing question but I've been really wondering for a while - if this is labeled as a dating sim, who can I date? xD The art looks really nice and I absolutely adore your logo too ^w^


Hi! Well, right now, a whole lot of people! lol We add new dates each month according to a Patron-exclusive poll. :3