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It's pretty amazing overall, you guys are doing RT's job better than them.

i can't download from mega, and the other alt windowns does not open for me

ummm the alt android download does nothing...


Uhhhh... Can someone please tell me why all the images in the lewds folder are completely white? nothing but white images or "paste over"?


Lewd Patcher


What is the lewd patcher and is there a way around it


The "lewd patcher" just means "you have to download the lewd pics separately." If you're on the JPDE Discord you can find the lewd pic files there, or there's a non-discord link to those pics... somewhere. Not sure where, but I know that they aren't just a "Discord Exclusive" thing. Anyway, once you download the lewd pic files, extract them, then replace the blank pics with the actual lewd pics. And, to actually activate the lewd content, you need to use your scroll in-game and call a "certain number" and ask them to enable 18+ stuff.


Which number do I need to call?


In your scroll under the phone icon one's called Lewds, click on that and agree to see 18+ content

I'm on Android version, and I've gotten to Day 56, but now the game keeps crashing when Jack is about to use her Semblance and Bella was saying something. Any help/tips for the crashing?

I just downloaded the android version what do I do now?

I just played this yesterday, so where can i see available routes?


no matter how many times i fight  pyrrha no matter what I train I still lose please help


How do i download and install it correctly?


how do i download this

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i got it downloaded but I'm missing scripts or something and it wont let me get past the penny tutorial fight as soon as i hit them i cant go any further 

how do you get the game to play i have it downloaded but I don't know how to open it to play it can you tell me how

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go to your library on this app and the click on the game and press play


How do you start the winter route? Like I'm confused


you gotta do all of wiess's routes before pennys father goes to visit penny


Is this the actual game or just the add on?

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I downloaded the Windows verison what do i do now

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I think in the next update along with bug fixes that one of the other routes that are almost done for end game content should take priority but thats just me so do what you think is best.#JPDE

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I've successfully downloaded the game but i don't know how to open it ? can someone tell me how 

edit : nwm i figured it out

The game is amazing i can't wait for the game to be in fully complete and also i hope in the future there is some merch for this game like either cosplay outfits or clothes of our main characters, a postor or accessories but i would like to report some bugs in qrows event because everytime i attempt it it resets and never completes i don't know whats going oh also another thing i can't wait is a walkthrough timeline chart to be more prepared to chose which route you want to do.

I honestly loved the game and I hope they make sequel to it because it's honestly a beautiful game and I loved playing it even though sometimes made me mad like the pyrrha fight was a little luck based it's an amazing game I hope there is more to come

Seriously I loved your game. Can't wait for further developments and a possible sequel. 

Why is the pyrrha fight so broken?seriously, I just beat her out of luck and that's it


I have a problem with my game. While I was playing the game, there's a message that says "An exception has occurred." So does this problem relate to replacing the old version with the new updated one?

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I seem to be having trouble installing the newest version, on my Kindle?

Because for some reason, every time I try to install on my device, it either says "there was trouble parsing the package", or " The app didn't install"?

Which is weird, because I never had any trouble installing it on my kindle in the past.

does anyone else have trouble updating the game? the best i can do i uninstall and reinstall

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Deleted 3 years ago

Glad that the story finished can't wait for the 100% content finish and jpde2.


Are there other games that are similar to this one? Got really hooked and was wondering if there were more like this.

Heh. Not to my knowledge.

so is the update gonna come out soon? lol im excited for the game to be better 

3.3 is already out for SuperPatrons. Tomorrow is going to come out for normal patrons and on Friday the 9th for everyone else.


How how do I play this on Android


when will be the next update?


End of September.


So I can't download jpde on android. Is there a reason why it won't work for me?

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I agree, (for some reason) every time I try to install it, it says it wasn't installed.


Successfully installed Android version, and have lewd patch.  Can't find directory where game is installed in order to patch the images. Any suggestions of where to look? (Obviously I scoured both internal and external cards by searches and manually..)


i tried to use the Android option (mega) at first it went until 21% then it stoped , now the dowload doesn't even start, it gets stuck  at 0%, and when i used that other Android option it said "tantk you for the download " but none was made, the game is great but mega just doesn't work for everyone,  mediafire was Better at that


Are there other games similar to this one? Got really hooked!


is there any nsfw content in the game?

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In a patch ;) Not by default.


O.O Where I can find the patch? Just for... curiosity, yeah. Let's call it that...


Check our main profile :)

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Is it possible for your old saves to be transferred to a new computer without a USB or cord?


Hi! Well, yes. You can just paste the files in a cloud based storage like MEGA or OneDrive, no?

Thank you. 

What should I do if the game kept kicking me out before the main menu? Did I miss something while installing it or? Thank for your help.

Please come to the discord server for tech help.


Hi! I'm going to ask a super embarrassing question but I've been really wondering for a while - if this is labeled as a dating sim, who can I date? xD The art looks really nice and I absolutely adore your logo too ^w^


Hi! Well, right now, a whole lot of people! lol We add new dates each month according to a Patron-exclusive poll. :3

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