A downloadable JPDE 18+ Mod


JPDE - Sonata of Fire.


Android instructions:

1) Get any file manager, “X-Plore” for example https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lonelycatgames.Xplore

2) Navigate to Internal storage/Android/data/com.lizzy.jpde/files

3) Create a 'game' folder.

4) Paste the RPA file in there.

PC/MAC/Linux Instructions

1) Download the RPA

2) Paste it in the 'game' folder.

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorJ.P.D.E Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksBase Game, Homepage, Patreon, Community, Twitter, YouTube



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when i try to put the rpa in the game folder it says invalid or corrupted can someone help me

Hello, o just downloaded the lewds but the after pasting it in the "game" folder, the game dont open. Any advises?

excuse me how do i get the date scenes in jpde sof to show up i just get a pink screen every time

Install the mod and then call the number on your scroll in-game :)

I know that this is likely a stupid question to ask but uhm...where do I put the rpa file at if no one minds helping me TwT

The instructions are on the game page! If you're still stuck, come to the Discord server :)


Good morning. Does anyone know where the lewds RPA file should go in the Windows version?


Hi I just tried to download the RPA file and copy it into the game folder, but a pop up keeps showing up saying the file is "Invalid or corrupted." Is there a fix for this, or a way around this?

how or where do i download this becasue i have been having issue downloading it where it says there is an error during installation No manager for installer unknown? 

I'm having the same issue. J.P.D.E Studios please help.

can use this on the PC version? if so how do you do it

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quick question I played this game a year or two ago and decided to get back into it and I remember something called anthology of hearts And I remember the content of it so I’m posting this comment here anyway does it still exist or no and if it does still exist where do I go If it is not included in this file?


For those of you still having issues with the link, try putting it into Microsoft Edge, that worked for me. I apologize in advance for suggesting people soil their computer by utilizing that monstrosity. 



*hides his Microsoft Edge browser icon*

how exactly do we do it on mircosoft edge?

The same way you tried here on whatever other browser you are using. Just copy-paste the link to the downloads page and paste it into the address bar on Microsoft Edge, and then try the download again from there. If it works, it will probably be sent to: [ This PC \Downloads\ ]

The download link is not working and the solution provided below does not work either is the download bugged?

i don't know why but it doesn't let me download it, when i click on it it opens a page for 1 second but the download doesn't start, i even tried the alternative download thing and nothing changed

There seems to be an issue with the link not being recognized as safe. You can copy the URL to a new tab and it will bypass, as a workaround.

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i just tried but doesn't seem to work but maybe it's just me who don't know how to do it, i tried copying the link that appears when you click on download but it just says page not found

how do I attach the images to the game

Im currently trying to install this section into the game but i'm extremely confused on how to do so. Im on android at the moment and ive downloader a file manager ofc. However im unsure how to get the files actually into the apk. will the game simply search for a folder named "Game" once created or do I need to do something special with the apk?


Can i play the new version of the game with the patch 4.3? 

So, i've installed the RPA into the game folder, and the Lewds, just for a safe measure but for some reason, I cannot get it to work. Either i'm an idiot, or i'm going insane here. 

Apparently I might have to make a phone call? But neither do I have no idea how to do that, i've tried EVERYTHING to get that done and nothing works. I searched for any hints as to where I could make a phone call. I even started a new save file to see if I could figure out where to make a phone call, and nothing worked. I have no idea what i'm doing.

Any help would be absolutely appreciated at this point. 

Hello For some reason whenever I try to download any of the files the only ones that downloads is the amber one can somebody help?

do i need to open the rpa file?, or do i just paste it into the folder called "game"?

when will there be a version with a bal with Blake

you cheat on your partners 

Junkie and you thieve

how do you instal it on mac because i followed the instructions and did the phone call and the it sill said archive not installed.

How do I get an un-archived version of this game, or successfully unRen it (versions 11, 12, and 13 do not work)? The UI desperately needs some simple editing as a lot of text is too hard or too painful to read. Dark grey on black and thin font dark red on bright green????? I'm tired of eye-strain migraines trying to play this game. These are easy to edit fixes if I can just get access to the *.rpy files.

So, I've downloaded the RPA and placed it into the game file, but the scene with Evelyn did not play out, have I placed it in the wrong location?

That's not the only thing you need to do to unlock the lewds :) You also need to make a phone-call.

In-game, I mean.

Gotcha, thank you for the quick reply, love the game!

So I downloaded the 4.15 patch of the game. But the current lewds patch is only 4.14 Does that mean I need to wait until the lewds patch for 4.15 is made before I can install it for the current version of the game?

It's a minimum, not a maximum :)

Thanks for responding! I still dont understand what you are saying, but just wanna shout out that you guys are awesome and I love the game!

Ahahaha, meaning that the 4.14 is the minimum version needed to use the patch, not the maximum :)

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Hi everybody! I’ve had a difficult time trying to get the latest patch to be installed for the latest update of the VN. I’m not sure what I have to do with either the RPA or the Zip file containing the folders for the images and don’t know where to put them within the game files. Because all my attempts even following the instructions of others below this comment has not resulted in a successful installation. If anyone has been able to successfully install the patch please tell me and others wondering the same thing how we would go about this. Like step by step starting from a fresh download of the new version of the base VN. I’d greatly appreciate if someone were to help me.

UPDATE: Actually I figured it out! Though I wish it would be more obvious. You move the RPA file to the game folder just drop it in there. And then move/extract the Zip file all the way to the CG subsection of the gaming folder. Check to see on the home menu that the 18+ symbol appears and check lewd scenes for the missing content. I hope this helps! 

How is the patch installed on PC? The rpa file goes in the root folder of the game where the .exe is or in the game folder and the images must be placed in the images \ CG folder, each one of them in the folder of each character or I just drop them and say Yes to replace when it asks for it since there are only jpg files inside the folder and I do not see any file that says _placeholder

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How to install? Tried to follow instructions but it didn't work

is it possible to install on mac?

How do u install on windows, need help please

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Thank you

Mine is a JPG file. Is that what it is supposed to be? 

bro, im doing that, and when i paste it, it doesnt go to the bottom then doesnt work in game, i beg tell me why bro, if they've changed it reply to this

its not a folder tho its an rpa file and when i put it in there it just alphabetizes it

how do you install this

I don't know how to install the 18+ on windows can somebody please let me know how to do that or link me to the instructions.

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thanks for the help.

bro, im doing that, and when i paste it, it doesnt go to the bottom then doesnt work in game, i beg tell me why bro, if they've changed it reply to this


Where I can see the instructions for android or it's just for PC

How can I add the Mod in Mobile or is it only for PC


hey I have try like what the order say but is still show the pasted page why


it doesn't seem to work