JPDE - Sonata of Fire [Ver 4.13]

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This is a freely distributed fan-made game. If you are being charged by anyone anywhere to play JPDE, you're being scammed.

Hello, everyone! First release of 2022! Which includes more...


Voice Acting Update - And by that I mean that we added around 300 new voice lines to the game! For Penny Polendina, we gave her lines all the way up to the Party at Junior. For Evelyn Damerot, we added lines all the way up to the Fight with the Oppel!

Penny and Ruby 1st Date - The doltz have their first event together! This includes, as always, a CG piece!

And next month... Oh boy >:3  Hope you've been following our Discord or Twitter, because while Patreon is the place where to find out the State of J.P.D.E. projects and nominate what comes next in them, for ToS reasons, the more adult-only stuff is to be discussed elsewhere, as the Discord goers have recently been discussing...

Before leaving you, I wanted to remind you all: Patreon doesn't allow me to put a cap on how much money you can give the team -which is kind of insane- so I want to remind you that at the end of the day, no matter how much you love our work, these are still videogames, and your hard earned money should go towards bettering your life first.

I appreciate your support but I ask you try and keep the pledge around the level of the Tier, or if you really want to give us extra, stop at 100$.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this update! I'll see you next month!

- Meinos Kaen

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this game has been so amazing especially as my first visual novel experience. i love it meinos thank you for everything you and the others have done please continue working hard :D