JPDE - Sonata of Fire [Ver 4.04]

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So apparently the RAM wasn't having a temp thing... It needed to be completely replaced. The new one is 20% faster too so, that's a gain... And speaking of gains, JPDE Sonata of Fire 4.04 is here, as promised! PUNCTUAL FOR ONCE!

No new dates in this one as we're prepping for Yang's dance, finale and lewd, but you get more costumes -as you can see in the image-, more voice acted points for Evelyn and Penny and some quality of life fixes... Including that you can now use all of Evelyn's costumes in the final stretch of the game. You won't get any errors trying to fight the final boss in her bikini. :P

Once again, please leave any bug reports and feedback on our usual community Discord server.

- Meinos Kaen

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So.... Are we gonna have some 18+ scene with Andrea? I'm asking for a friend

Wait.... Who's Andrea? I've played the game to the end but maybe new chars were added since

the cousin of Evelyn the gay man