JPDE - Sonata of Fire [Ver 4.0.2] - The Beginning of Voice Acting

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Yeah, apparently, RAM can suddenly decide to be a dick and start making your computer act like a fool. Thankfully, it seems that now it's not doing it anymore and no data was lost in the process. Still, apologies for the slight delay.

JPDE Sonata of Fire 4.0.2 is here! You'll notice we changed the naming convention, that way we can keep integer numbers 3/4/5 for actual big updates. We're going with centesimal numbers, now... And what do these new numbers bring you? :3


Malachite Twins [3rd Event] - You're back on the job at Junior's and the more time you spend working there the more money you make but also, the more you get to know your senpais... ;D

Ciel Soleil [1st Event] - If one android girl in your life isn't enough then wait until you get a load of Ciel Soleil! What will our beret wearing specialist bring to the table?

New Outfitsx5 - As it says on the tin, with this release we add: David's Work Clothes, Ciel's Android 18 Cosplay, Coco's Helltaker Justice Cosplay, Glynda's Swimsuit, May's Sleepwear :3

Voice Acting 1.0

In case you missed it, we held a casting call for the roles of Evelyn Damerot and Penny Polendina. Starting with this release, we're going to fill the game with their voice lines and emotional sfx! BUT THIS ALSO MEANS THAT WE NEED YOU TO GIVE US A NEW KIND OF FEEDBACK!

With voices involved, balancing audio levels of music, SFX and voice acting will be more important than ever. If you find any Audio tracks or sounds that are too loud/overpowering/distorted and impede clear hearing of the voice acting, or any errors/mistakes with the voice acting lines please report such instances on our Discord server.

That's it for 4.0.2! Hope you enjoy it and hope you're excited for more news about the sequel... We'll soon have more than just art to share. Just a little bit more! Losing our programmer set us back but didn't kill us ;3

- Meinos Kaen

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