JPDE2 - Version 1.05 and New Characters!

Hello, everyone! One week since the launch of JPDE2 - Adagio of Darkness and we finally have an update that comes not in the middle of a dumpster fire of a release! Yay~

So, 1.05 brings some bug fixes, a big gameplay utility update and also a pretty big visual update!

95% Less Flashes - Thanks to the feedback of a community member, we realized that JPDE2 actually had a pretty big flaw when it came to animations, specifically: the way the entire screen flashed before/after/during certain actions. That can create problems for people suffering from epilepsy, say when you're waiting for 8 Kataglyphs to finish their attacks, each one flashing the screen red...

So we've reworked the animation pipeline and removed most of the full-screen flashes.

Minimap Add-On - VisuStella are a team who make RPG Maker MZ assets, graphical and code alike. One of their Plugins allows for the compass mechanic of JPDE2 and, recently, they updated it to also feature a minimap! Hopefully this should help people walk around without getting lost!

Slimmed Down - We've removed all the unnecessary files from the game, reducing its size to a mere 188 MBs instead of the 345~ from before!

Speed Up - The speed boost obtained by holding down the Dash button (or by double tapping the screen) has been increased.

That's all for 1.05! Hope you've been enjoying the game so far! I will leave you with a preview of a brand new character for JPDE2, which you can also find as a Sticker on our Discord Community Server!

This is Zi-Yan Chan! Her family is from Mistral and she relocated to Peak due to extenuating circumstances... Ah, also, she's Jaune Arc's girlfriend.

- Meinos Kaen


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You gave him a what now what were you thinking (0o0) this is Jaune Arc We are talking about.


A three years timeskip, a lot of stuff can happen. :) Wouldn't make sense for characters not to do things and progress as people just because plot didn't happen, no? :P




thank you so much for this game and the first jpde, love these games so much as a big rwby fan. Thank you!