Flight of the Viator - HAPPY SPOOKS!

If you want to thank someone for this, you can loop in JoCat and Yoshi-P.

The first is a Youtuber, animator, and all-around talented guy who made an incredibly catchy song which made me think: 'hey, I should totally release this thing around Halloween'! Or, for those in the known, All Saints' Wake.

The second one is the Producer/Director/All-Around amazing human being who took the disaster that was the original Final Fantasy XIV and transformed it into one of the most successful and beloved MMORPGs around and entries in the series, period. Currently, they're hiring for a number of positions on their team! If you're fluent and excellent in written japanese, then you don't need game dev experience to apply!

Sadly, I'm not. Fluent and excellent in written Japanese :'( I'm trying to learn but it's hard, especially while also trying to learn French and Dutch... (For marriage related stuff)

This was in August. I made a joke to myself 'well, I'll show them! I'll make a FFXIV fan-thing and I'll show them how well I can write for that universe even without knowing Japanese! O.O'...

Well, last time I made that kind of joke to myself, I made JPDE - Sonata of Fire. I should've known better! I didn't! Soooo... Here we are :)

Let me state, this is not for profit nor is it endorsed by anyone at Square-Enix. This is just a silly Halloween present for the amazing FFXIV community. And if Square-Enix asks me to cease and desist, that is also their prerogative and you shouldn't hold it against them. I don't even know if I wanna do more of this, I guess we'll see depending on the reception and attention this gets...

With that said: enjoy Flight of the Viator.

- Meinos Kaen


Oct 26, 2022

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I'm running into a bug upon level up. I get the following error, which renders the game unplayable. It's a shame, since I was quite enjoying it up until that point.

I'm on Windows 7 64bit, if that helps any.

Sorry to hear that. Upon which point does this happen? Like, what you were doing in the game when you get this error?

It happens whenever I level up from 5 to 6. It happened after random encounters and after the boss fight.

Thank you very much for the feedback!